Total Revolution

We have Innumerable Problems and All Have but One Solution 

Old American FlagThe following is not the statement of a political party, as I presently have no political party.  It is a statement of principles, and a statement of my personal goals with respect to total revolution.  Please note that I do not advocate a violent overthrow of the government, for the sole reason that I believe it to be impossible.  I believe that as the United States continues to dissolve and lose relevance in the global arena, becoming more and more bankrupt in all senses, we who remain vigilant will be presented with an opportunity to gain power through legal avenues. 

My present goal is to begin the process of preparing for this coming opportunity, through the establishment of a base of organized individuals which understand the scope of our goals.  Sooner or later, revolution will come to America, and if we are ready, victory shall be ours. 

Andrew Anglin
March 26, 2013

Our society has already rotted from the inside out.  Nothing but the shell of the thing remains, floating through the abyss of nihilism that is modern existence.  We have innumerable problems, and they all have a single solution: total war, revolution and a reinvention of what it means to be a human being.

Nothing less can suffice.

The Family

FamilyWe recognize the nuclear family as the core unit of any society, and view the defense of this institution as the prime directive of our movement.  We acknowledge that the Jewish culture, as described below, is geared toward attacking this institution in every conceivable fashion, and thus understand that through the reorganization of the culture, the family will naturally regain a degree of stability.  However, measures will be put in place to ensure that the family regains prominence quickly and efficiently.

Though we acknowledge that in a certain minute portion of marriages, divorce is the only option, divorce laws will be altered in order to make it much more difficult to obtain a legal divorce.  We will also remove the profit motive which presents exists for a female seeking a divorce.

Women will be discouraged from chasing careers, and encouraged to marry and produce children.  Early marriage and high birthrates will be promoted and rewarded, through both acknowledgment of achievements and financial incentives.  We will remove the cultural stigma, which has been produced by the Jews through their feminist movement, attached to a woman who desires to be a mother, and instead reassert the traditional belief that the producers of children are the most honored and protected persons in any productive and healthy society.

Without the oppression of the social norm of the “dual-income family,” individuals will be able to marry at a more traditional age, if they so choose.  The state, as well as religious institutions, will play a role in assisting young people in finding compatible mates.

Homosexuality will once again be outlawed, and depending on circumstance, be viewed as either a criminal offense, to be punished with incarceration or death, or a mental illness, to be treated by mental health professionals.

Pornography will be outlawed entirely, as it has been seen to be extremely destructive to male-female relations.  Anyone caught producing pornography will be hung, and anyone caught viewing it will be forced to enroll in a rehabilitation program.  Pornography will be defined as any material, printed or digital, which encourages sexual deviancy or is want to upset the natural order of sexual relationships within society.


CultureOur entire cultural heritage has been deformed and deranged by the Jewish entertainment industry.  We have been oversexualized to the point of ridiculousness, fully inundated with mindless violence, our youth driven to drug abuse; we’ve been overcome by the nihilism of the Jew.

The only solution to this problem is to create strict laws for the reconstitution and preservation of our traditional value system.  This will include a total ban on entertainment media which is destructive to our values, which will be the vast majority of what presently exists.

We will shut down Hollywood completely, putting a moratorium on all media production until we are capable of establishing institutions which are capable of producing media which is in line with our value system.  All broadcast systems will be nationalized immediately, and the television will only be allowed to show nature documentaries, anything else which does not present a value system or value judgments and was not produced by Jews, along with state authorized news.  Radio stations will play classical music, along with gospel and folk music which was not produced by Jews.

A Council on Positive Media will be formed to make decisions about what can and cannot be consumed by the public at large.

In the longer run, new video entertainment media may be produced, but significantly less than is being produced now, as we will aim for quality over quantity, and have the decided goal of encouraging human beings to interact with one another in the real world rather than mindlessly absorbing video entertainment.  Music and other true art that is in line with our value system will be encouraged, and subsidized by the state.

Entertainment media on the internet will have a moratorium placed on it, until we can come to a consensus on a way to regulate it.  The internet service providers, which will have been nationalized, will be used to block significant amounts of content, while not infringing on the communication capacity of individuals.

Communities will be encouraged to revitalize local culture through a variety of methods, including the holding of local festivities on a regular basis.  The reduction of entertainment media will serve to allow members of communities to interact with their neighbors in a healthy way.  Kids will again be seen playing on the streets, men and women will again have weekend BBQs in their backyards.  Beautification programs will be enacted with a focus on establishing parks, and a generally aesthetically pleasing environment in communities.

The scaling back of large scale corporate business, which will be done by nationalization of all major corporations such as Wal-Mart and McDonald’s, will allow the local culture which surrounded independent retail economies to reemerge.

Land which has been nationalized will be allocated to individuals who wish to escape the urban areas and homestead, organically grown farm goods produced by these small farms will be subsidized to ensure profitability in the early stages of the revolution.

Though destructive forms of religion – those devised and advocated by the Jews – will be crushed entirely, traditional religious practices will be encouraged by the state, with Churches again taking a lead role in the organization of communities and the formation of community values.  Churches which meet the doctrinal requirements of the state will be directly subsidized.


RaceOnce elected, we will immediately enact decisive measures to the end of establishing White racial homogeneity in these United States.  Firstly, the US armed forces will be deployed within the United States to deal with non-white immigrants.  Our revolution will not recognize the citizenship which has been granted these non-European immigrants as legally valid, nor will having been born in the United States give a non-White any special legal rights.  They will be rounded up and interned in concentration camps until they can be shipped back to wherever they are from.  This will be done in a manner that is just and avoids denigrating the immigrants as much as possible, but is nonetheless quick and decisive.

The immigrants being ejected will be allowed to keep all of their cash and personal effects that they are capable of carrying on their person, while any real estate they own, as well as any vehicles or other belongings too large for them to bring with them, will be appropriated by the state and redistributed to our poor and working class White citizens who have had their quality of living driven down by these immigrants.

The Southern Border will be secured with landmines, and the US Coast Guard will be imparted with the duty of sinking any ships bringing non-Whites into the United States.

Asians, who are the only other race that has proven themselves to be capable of living a civilized lifestyle, will be dealt with differently than other immigrants.  We see no need to intern these people or force them out using military means, and a percentage of them who are seen to be contributing to society may be allowed to remain in the country, though not at the expense of the native population.  They will no longer be allowed to be citizens of this country.  They will no longer be awarded scholarships of any kind, and will instead be required to pay triple the amount if they wish to attend American universities.  The surplus from this tuition will be used to assist the education of the native White population.

The American Indian population should be assisted more than they have been in dealing with their own problems involving alcohol, drugs and general poverty.

Our African-American population will will have the option of repatriation to Africa, or movement to a geographical area within the United States that is allocated to them.  This transfer need not be immediate; the violent criminals within the Black communities will be rounded up by the military, and this will give us time to peacefully relocate the Blacks – hopefully with the cooperation of Black leaders.  Financial assistance will be provided to the Blacks, though not indefinitely.

Blacks will not be permitted to possess firearms or deadly weapons of any kind until which point they are transferred to their own lands, as they have proven that peaceful existence is incompatible with their genetic nature.

All Jews will be forced to wear identifying markers, so as they are no longer capable of their methods of deceit.  Many of them will be interned in concentration camps until a colony, which is to be regulated by an international body, can be established for them.  The end goal will be to have all Jews removed from the North America, as well as the nations of our brothers in Europe and elsewhere.

The Role of the State

StateThe present government of the United States, functioning as it does under the two party democratic system, has failed our people in every conceivable manner.

Society has changed fundamentally over the last 200 years, and so it must be that the state itself changes in a fundamental manner.  We seek to accomplish this through drastic and extreme reforms.  The system of party politics has proven to be a sure recipe for endless internal bickering that never leads to solutions or any form of real change, susceptible as it is to manipulation by special interests and the forces of capital.  Given this, we seek to replace the multiple party system with a singular party, within which all segments of society are capable of asserting direct representation, rather than being required to choose a party to represent their interests.

What we call “democracy” in modern terminology is little more than codeword for rule by an elite Jewish minority, via the “free press” and centralized banking system, which allows them and their white capitalist cohorts to take control of every single institution of power in our society.

The vast majority of the population is incapable of understanding complex concepts, and is very easily manipulated by the electronic media, which has established a scientific technique for literally formulating the thoughts of its victims.  Given this, it is our contention that the party vote can be successfully replaced with a unified state, as long as the interests of all are considered with due care, with institutions existing to represent these interests within the political arena.


EconomyWe recognize that both capitalism and communism have been engineered by the Jews to serve the interests of their race, and thus understand that neither of these economic doctrines is capable of leading to a healthy and productive society.  Instead, we look to the Fascism of the last century for inspiration as to how to efficiently manage an industrialized economy.

Before anything else, the Jew-run private banking system must be abolished completely, replaced with a state institution for the issuance and regulation of currency.  This state institution will be capable of issuing interest-free loans and credit to the people, which will provide an immediate alleviation of pressure, and allow for the production economy to reemerge in as painless a manner as possible.

At the core of our revolution’s economic program is protectionism and the goal of achieving autarky.  Following this, we will end the destructive practices of free trade, putting high tariffs or a complete ban on importation of any product which we are capable of producing sufficient quantities of within our own borders.  The United States must reestablish its production base quickly and efficiently, as all economic stability stems from a healthy production sector.

We acknowledge that the American free market system changed fundamentally after the Industrial Revolution, and that the ideals of the Founding Fathers with regards to economic policy are no longer valid.  In order to allow a real free market, in which small and independent business can thrive, massive-scale corporate business must either be fully controlled by the state or broken down into smaller competing units which are regulated by a state body.

In order to alleviate pressure from the lower classes as we seek to raise them up, price controls will be placed on various products, making certain that basic necessities are easily affordable, while a larger tax is put on luxury products, such as expensive electronics and other frivolous material trinkets.

All natural monopolies will be run by the state.

We will initiate massive state-subsidized work programs in order to fulfill our goal of full employment at fair and just wage, while also serving to further various other agendas we have set forth.  Among these will be a large-scale revamping of the farming industry, which will be geared toward eliminating the excesses of the present industrial scale farming system, which exists mainly to produce cheap goods at low cost, without considering environmental effects or the health effects on the consumer of these goods.  Experts in the field of permaculture and other scientific methods of efficient natural farming will be employed to assist in developing a nationwide program for the revamping of our farming sector.

We will legalize industrial hemp production.


EducationThe compulsory schooling system will be entirely restructured.  Presently, this system has been designed to support the capitalist system of servitude to the ruling class; we seek to foster independent-mindedness and productivity in our citizenry.

We will thus end the mandatory level of schooling at the age of twelve, or at the end of elementary school (whichever happens second), at which point educators, parents, and students will decide the best course for each individual child.  The student will either enter a trade program, where he will be placed as an apprentice, or go on to higher levels of education, either for work in a white collar profession or an intellectual pursuit, which will include preparation for work within the government.

Though girls will not be explicitly forbidden from entering a trade program or pursuing higher education, in most cases they will be encouraged to enter a program for marriage preparation.

Our revolution will make lying to children illegal, and as such they will be told the truth about the history of their race, and our struggle against the Jew.  The mantra when addressing the Jewish problem will be “never again.”  It must always be remembered what happened when we allowed these people rights within our society, so that never again can they do to us what they have done.

All of the liberalism promoted by the Jews will be removed from the university system, and replaced with values in line with the traditions of our race.  All of those responsible for teaching the values of Marxism to university students will be interned in concentration camps.

Up until the age of 18, children will be required to undergo citizen training, which will involve full military instruction for boys, including extensive wilderness survival training.  Girls, though not undergoing the same degree of instruction as boys, should be fully instructed in the use of a handgun, for the purposes of self-defense.

After the age of 18, each male citizen who is not affected by mental health problems will be required to keep a military firearm in his home, so as militias can be easily organized in the case of invasion by a foreign power or an attempted coup by domestic enemies.

Class War

Class WarWe acknowledge that all human society, even that which existed before the dawn of civilization, has functioned on a class system.  However, we also acknowledge that the capitalist system, and the Jewish social engineering which has gone along with it, has created a war between the classes.  We acknowledge that the losers of this war have been the working class.

We also acknowledge that our traditional European societies had a class system based on merit, and that our present system is not in-line with this tradition, the modern class structure being based largely on one’s economic prowess, which presently amounts to an ability to take advantage of others.  We acknowledge that this modern class structure is akin to a caste system, where mobility is nigh impossible.  Our revolution will reestablish merit as the basis of the classes, and thus judge each individual based on their particular ability to contribute to society.

All citizens, whatever their occupation, will be viewed as equal contributors.  We thus will abolish the concept of class war completely, reestablishing a symbiotic relationship between the classes.

Within modern society, we understand that there must be three classes, which can be effectively classified as blue collar, white collar and intellectual/academic.  Not one of these classes should ever be considered superior to the others, as each plays a fundamental and necessary role in the functioning of our civilization.  Given this, there should be mutual respect between trash collector and scientist, carpenter and engineer, butcher and social policy advisory.

We see that through the engineering of society towards a purely material image of man, the Jews have succeeded in creating a forth class, which is an elite ruling class, of which they themselves are members, and which must be abolished.  Though a person surely deserves to reap financial benefit for his hard work and ingenuity, he cannot be permitted to do so at the expense of others, nor should any member of society ever be allowed to achieve wealth through dishonest means, as the Jews and their white capitalist cohorts have done through banking and corporatism.  The spoils of this parasitical elite class will be seized and redistributed to the people.

The Jews through their guile have also created a fifth class, which are those poor without work, who exist purely on entitlement.  Though we acknowledge the necessity of providing basic needs for those who are incapable of providing for themselves as a natural function of any state, we assert that the first duty of the state is to provide work for those who do not have it.  By establishing a national “right to work” program, we shall reduce the entitlement class to only encompassing those who are, due to physical or mental incapacity, unable to work.


CrimeThe majority of violent crime is committed by non-whites, and thus our revolution’s military-based racial program will cut out most of this crime quickly.  Our “right to work” program will return poor Whites to an honored position in the workforce, which will greatly reduce the crimes committed by Whites.  Still, we acknowledge that crime is something which will always exist, to some degree, and that it will exist more severely during the transitional period following our rise.

In the beginning, it will be necessary to use military force in dealing with the problem of crime.  When it has been sufficiently contained, crime prevention and law enforcement duties will be returned to domestic law enforcement.

As we recognize the present system of prisons as dehumanizing, violating natural law against cruel and unusual punishment, we will replace this system with a system of concentration camps, in which inmates, while surely being denied certain amenities, will be given fair and humane treatment centering around a reasonable work schedule.  These facilities will initially be administered by the military, with these duties later being turned over to a special organization designed for this purpose.  Inmates will not simply be punished, but be corrected, shown the value of a hard days work, and rewarded for fulfilling their duties.

As the heart of our crime problems is the widespread use of drugs among a disparaged populace, there will be a swift removal of these drugs from the society.  As at present, the drug trade exists under the blessing of certain levels of government, cutting off the bulk of the importation of these narcotics, from West Asia and South America, should be easily achieved.  Still, there will be some percentage of drugs smuggled in, and we may expect that methamphetamine will continue to be manufactured within our borders.  We will deal with this by stiffening the penalties for the production, sale and use of drugs.   Anyone over the age of 25 caught manufacturing or distributing drugs will be executed.  Anyone caught using drugs will be enrolled in a rehabilitation program, before being sentenced to a minimum of 1 year in a concentration camp.



We assert that maintenance of a physically healthy lifestyle is both a human right and a social duty.  Given this, the state will devote itself to providing an environment where health living is easily achieved.  We will provide local community centers where citizens can work out, play sports and consult with trainers free of charge.

We acknowledge that the obesity epidemic is not only a drain on the medical complex, but also a shameful and disgusting blight on the honor of our race, and thus must be dealt with through decisive measures.  Those obese persons will be required by law to enroll in a weight-loss program, where a professional will design a personalized program for them.  If they prove themselves incapable of meeting the requirements of the program, they will be forced to remain in a concentration camp until they are able to lose the weight through physical labor.

The obesity problem will largely be dealt with by our program to outlaw unnatural and unhealthy foods.  High fructose corn syrup, trans-fats, artificial sweeteners, plastic food containers and various other cheaply manufactured and dangerous products will be banned entirely.  Restaurants will be subject to regulation as to what they are allowed to serve.  Our above mentioned organic farming work programs will provide ample natural food for the people.

We also believe that the state has a duty to provide its citizens with a reasonable universal national health care system.  Presently, the restrictive cost of acquiring a university degree as a health care professional, as well as enrollment limits imposed by the education apparatus, have artificially inflated the cost of health care. This unfortunate situation can be amended by expanding the number of doctors, nurses and other workers in the field of health care coming out of our university system, through subsidizing the education of these health care professionals.  Outlawing the abuses that take place within the entirely capitalistic pharmaceutical industry will also serve to greatly reduce medical costs and ensure that the state is capable of providing high quality care for all of its citizens.  The aforementioned physical fitness programs will create a situation where must less medical intervention is needed.  We might also note that the ejection of immigrants, many of whom are coming from third world countries and of very poor health, will also serve to balance out the existing medical system.

Pharmaceuticals will be judged each by its merit, but many of them must surely be banned.  Natural and herbal medicine, including medicinal marijuana, will be the first line of defense.

We have seen that the psychotropic drugs distributed by the Jew-run psychiatry industry are entirely harmful to the population, and dangerous to the individual.  They will be banned entirely, and their production and sale will be punished in the same fashion as all other illegal narcotics.


For far too long, our people have suffered under the systems of the Jew.  As the abuses of this system continue to become more and more extreme, the closer at hand is our people’s revolution.

It is the goal of our revolution that the White race will once again control its own affairs, decide its own destiny.  In order for this to occur, it must be that we all, each of us members of this greatest of races, begin to view ourselves as a family.  All that we need for our revolution to succeed is love for our brothers and sisters, these members of the White race.  If we are able to come together out of love for one another, in honor of our shared ancestry, our shared soul which was born in that coldest place so many years ago, then our success in this greatest of endeavors becomes a foregone conclusion, for all Hell shall not stop us.

Hail Victory.